Englische Genesungswünsche

Wir haben hier eine schöne Zusammenfassung von Englischen Sprüche für jeden der Genesungswünsche braucht.

Take a glance in the night
at the stars and the moon,
take a glance in the day
at the sun shining bright,
and I hope, that you
will get well very soon,
and everything in the world
will again be allright.

It is not easy to lie so long in a bed,
it is not easy, with plans in the head,
but a little bit patience has to be
and you will get better, please do it for me!

My very best wishes I am sending to you,
I am sure, that they are coming true.

Sometimes life is not so easy,
brings to you sorrow and also pain,
but very soon you will get better,
and we can sing and dance then again.

I am sending you this flowers
to show, that I care about you,
please don’t let your head hang down,
I love you through and through.

My love, all my thoughts,
they are with you,
so please get well,
I am waiting for you.

Every night has an end and every pain as well,
for everyone there is hope and for you as well.

I can not take the pain away,
but I came, my dear, to stay.
If your star is falling,
it is not in vain, if you’re
calling my name.

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