Englische Liebesgedichte

Wir haben hier ein paar sehr schöne Englische Liebesgedichte für dich geschrieben. Wenn du einem Geliebten Menschen einen Freude machen willst verwende doch Englische Sprüche und du wirst sehen die Person wird sich freuen wenn du es von ganzem Herzen meinst.

Love is deep and love is in vain,
that was always in History the same.
She is sugar, salt and pepper
and she’s the best, if she stays forever.

She brings a strong man on his knees,
for her you have to pay some fees,
love is sometimes also in vain,
but I will always love again.

Love gives you a sweet, sweet smile,
love will stay perhaps a while,
love is strong and very deep,
she’s always for free and never cheap.

There is no better reason
than love to be on earth,
and if she brought just a single kiss,
for her to be born was it worth.

I love my love so much in the morning,
and I love her so late in the night,
and every time, when she lies down with me,
I know, that our world turns so right.

She is the star, that lights my night,
she is the moon, that shines so bright,
she is the one for whom I waited years,
lying in her arms will dry all my tears.

Nobody knows, what the day will bring,
nobody knows, if the birds will still sing,
nobody knows, before the day will dawn,
but I know, that I feel safe in your arms.

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