Englische Sprüche zum Geburtstag

Wir haben hier für dich eine schöne Auswahl an Englischen Sprüchen zum Geburtstag.

Happy Birthday to my darling,
Happy Birthday to my dear,
I’m wishing you a Happy Birthday,
and sorry, that I can not be here.

Congratulations to your Birthday
and take this present, oh my dear,
I came along the long, long way
to spend a nice time with you here.

When all the birds are singing
and your front door bell is ringing,
I came to stay with you for a while
and I hope my present makes you smile.

It is now twenty years ago
that you were born, my friend,
you know for sure, I love you so
at your Birthday and until the end.

One more year is over,
and one more year begins,
you and I are getting older,
but our friendship never ends.

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